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Water Efficiency Calculations


Water efficiency calculations are more important than ever for new homes, conversions and developments. Since April 2010, new water efficiency targets must be met and this makes the calculations to determine a property’s efficiency more important than ever. We regularly carry out these crucial calculations for a wide range of clients across the UK.

These specialised calculations do not only affect the landlord, leaseholder or property owner. They also affect any residents or tenants of the buildings in question as there is a maximum amount of 125L of ‘potable’ water that may be used per person per day. This is to ensure strict adherence to Building Regulations Part G.

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Ensuring that properties are properly efficient when it comes to water and its use has never been more important. By ensuring that properties adhere to the regulations, increasing numbers of developments up and down the country are saving large amounts of water and in turn are becoming more environmentally friendly and energy efficient in turn, contributing to better SAPs for properties (more information).

Our team of experts have many years of experience in carrying out these tests and providing the expertise needed to make sure that the property in question is suitably water efficient.

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Water Efficiency – Why is it Important?

With increasing numbers of people dwelling in a range of properties throughout the world and the UK, conserving and being more efficient with water and its use has never been more important. While it is physically impossible for the use of water to be restricted, it is possible to ensure that certain elements of its use are sensibly controlled within a set of guidelines.

Saving water through water efficiency calculations provides benefits for the environment and makes sure that on a day to day basis, there is as little wastage as possible.

The water efficiency calculations set out by UK law affects a large number of appliances throughout developments and properties as well as some of the most basic parts of any build such as the baths, taps and showers.

Building Regulations Part G

Since April 2010, Building Regulations Part G has applied these laws regarding water efficiency calculations to all new builds and developments throughout the UK. Implementation and enforcing of these laws and regulations is overseen by local authorities and Building Control.

Upon attaining the results needed for a pass, a Water Efficiency Certificate is awarded. Our team regularly works with local building authorities and Building Control bodies to ensure that properties pass their assessment first time round.

By working with the local authorities as well as the developers and tradespeople involved, we apply our expertise to all stages and aspects, making sure that you pass.


Which Appliances and Products are affected?

WCs – Making sure that the flushing of all WCs is efficient and calculating the average flush volume across any development

Taps – Calculating the average flow rate (litres per minute) of each tap of a development or property. This also entails measuring the pressure of each tap and taking into account which type of tap is in use (automatic, button activation or otherwise)

Baths – Measuring the total capacity of the bath to overflow (in litres), whilst excluding Jacuzzis, as their use is much less common than for baths, and they are rarely used on a daily basis

Showers – The flow rate of each shower is calculated in litres per minute to work out overall water efficiency

Dishwashers and Washing Machines – Calculating ‘litres per place setting’ for dishwashers and ‘litres per kilogram of dry load’ for washing machines

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