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Sound Insulation Testing

Sound insulation testing, also known as ‘acoustic testing’ or ‘pre-completion testing’ measures the total output of sound from adjacent and neighbouring properties. All new build properties and developments in the UK are required by law to undergo sound testing as instructed by Approved Document E of Building Regulations.

Qualifying buildings and developments must have their sound insulation levels measured in order to demonstrate levels of noise between adjacent walls, ceilings and floors.

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Air Tightness Testing

Air tightness testing, also known as an air leakage, air infiltration or air permeability testing is a test to indicate the cubic metres of air leakage per hour per square metre of external area of the building – (m3/hr.m2) – as per Part L of Building Regulations.

Air leakage can occur through gaps and cracks in the fabric of the building envelope, allowing heat to escape, thus driving up heating bills and C02 production.

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Ventilation Testing and Commissioning

Part F of the Building Regulations (2010) introduced the requirement to test the practical performance of ventilation systems in new dwellings.

Since RJ Acoustics also offers air tightness and sound insulation testing, we are well placed to carry out ventilation testing whilst on site.

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Water Efficiency Calculations

Water efficiency calculations are more important than ever for new homes, conversions and developments. Since April 2010, new water efficiency targets must be met and this makes the calculations to determine a property’s efficiency more important than ever. We regularly carry out these crucial calculations for a wide range of clients across the UK.

These specialised calculations do not only affect the landlord, leaseholder or property owner. They also affect any residents or tenants of the buildings in question as there is a maximum amount of 125L of ‘potable’ water that may be used per person per day.

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SAP Calculations & EPCs

SAP Calculations are an energy efficiency calculation, required by the Building Regulations on all new build dwellings, converted dwellings and some extensions. SAP stands for Standard Assessment Procedure. A SAP rating is given on a calculation – this is a figure between 1 and 100+.

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Energy Saving & Noisy Neighbours

As well as being able to perform building regulations testing, we can also provide services to home-owners in existing properties.

We can provide air leakage testing for residents looking for a cost-effective way to reduce their heating bills and sound insulation solutions for ‘noisy neighbour’ complaints.

An air leakage test costs a fraction of the price of most energy saving solutions.The test will point out exactly where air (and therefore heating) is leaking out of your house,

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