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Scottish Homes to be ‘C’ Rated When Sold From 2024

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Scottish Homes to be ‘C’ Rated When Sold From 2024

It was announced yesterday by the Scottish Government, that from 2024, homes will need to hit EPC C after sale or renovation. This is all part of the governments new plans to accelerate energy efficiency improvements in private housing.

It was announced yesterday that from 2024, homeowners in Scotland could be forced to improve the energy efficiency of their property before they are able to sell. This would see all owner-occupied properties required to reach EPC C rating when they hit certain “trigger points” such as a sale or renovation.

If the property is not brought up to standard before sale, the responsibility to bring the property up to EPC would fall on the buyer, within the likely time limit of 12 months. It has been said that this extra burden will be reflected in house prices. Further to this, fines would be levied for non-compliance, however the level has not yet been indicated.

Although in recent years emissions from the power sector in Scotland have rapidly fallen, sectors such as housing are proving trickier to decarbonise. However, the biggest hurdle to overcome is the fact homeowners currently have little incentive to undertake costly energy efficiency improvements.

If confirmed, the rules would mark a major step towards addressing emissions from houses not covered by policies for the social housing or private rental sector. The Scottish government estimates the new rules could impact 36% of households over a decade, making a sizeable dent in the almost 1 million owner occupied homes across Scotland that are currently rated below EPC C.