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Sound insulation tests entail data being collected on site. This data is then fed into specialised calculations using specific formulae. This produces a number that indicates a pass or fail for the property in question.


There are two main types of sound tests:

Airborne Test

An airborne test measures the levels of sound transmitted via air. This includes things like home entertainment systems and other ‘non-impact’ sounds. Airborne tests are carried out between the walls separating habitable rooms of flats and houses. All walls that separate habitable rooms and spaces i.e. those which are used for the purpose of ‘living,’ such as lounges and bedrooms.

Airborne and Impact Test

An airborne and impact test measures the levels of noise as a result of impact, such as from dropping items onto or striking the floor. These impact tests are carried out on separating floors found between habitable rooms and flats. With all of these tests, as with airborne tests, it is usually preferred to use the largest rooms as the ‘source rooms’ for the test (the room which produces the noise in the first place).

Approved Document E

From 2003, Approved Document E states that all new UK builds must undergo pre-completion sound insulation testing. New builds must adhere to impact sound tests of no more than 62dB (decibels) and converted properties must adhere to a level of 64dB or lower. Approved Document E sets out details pertaining to the resistance to the passage of sound. This Approved Document, as part of UK Building Regulations helps to ensure that newly built or converted houses and residencies, flats and residential spaces as well as other relevant buildings are constructed to a minimum standard that can provide ‘reasonable resistance to sound from other parts of the same building and from adjacent buildings.’

All of our tests comply fully with Approved Document E and our expert team have been carrying out and complying with these tests for many years, with thousands of satisfied customers all over the UK.

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